Welcome to Barnacle Bill's Racing Leather!

Bill Burns & the Family

Bill Burns is a former WERA racer and a veteran member of the AMA. He has been riding motorcycles for 44 years. He used to race WERA in the late 80's in C production Formula 2 and Clubman as well as raced hare scrambles, hillclimbs and has trophyed in trials competitions.

"I still enjoy an occassion trackday, trailride or spirited backroad saturday afternoon ride down by the river when time and business allows. My dogs enjoy rides in the sidecar rig too."

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Company History

Barnacle Bill's Racing Leathers business was established in 1993 as Bill was in search of a retirement job that he could do from home. He saw the need for the services he offered and started it up from scratch first doing repairs and eventually designing and building his own suits. He has traveled the racing circuit in an old motor home and did repairs and alterations at the track during the summer months.

“Darethea has been my better half for the last 38 years and is a full partner in Barnacle Bill's”.

She does the day to day bookkeeping as well as helps with the construction of the new suits and the cleaning and repair sector of the business.

Barnacle Bill's Racing Leather has always been involved in supporting good initiatives. The company donated a custom suit to be auctioned off for the ROADRACING WORLD AIRFENCE FUND and several riders in Barnacle Bill's suits have appeared on the cover and in the pages of the magazine. They also appear frequently on the WERA Forum board.
Barnacle Bill's have sponsored WERA Vintage as well as helped individual riders with great discounts every season.
Several well known riders have had used Bill's suits. To name just a few: Caesar Gonzalez, John Ulrich and Robert Jensen and many more.